Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maplewoodstock 2009 schedule

Sat, July 11:
  • noon -- The Jaybirds
  • 12:45 -- NJ School of Rock
  • 1:30 -- Five Cent Philosophers
  • 2:15 -- Velvet Elvis with Lee Martin
  • 3:00 -- Shark Hat
  • 3:45 -- Mood Ring
  • 4:30 -- Dark Horse
  • 5:15 -- Caterpillar Book
  • 6:00 -- Big Train
  • 6:45 -- FELT
  • 7:30 -- David Easton Band
  • 8:30 -- Jonathan Edwards
Sun, July 12:
  • noon -- Third Gear
  • 12:45 -- 18 Months No Interest
  • 1:30 -- Thursday Habit
  • 2:15 -- Mymyndmocean
  • 3:00 -- New Day Dawn
  • 3:45 -- Curtis Winchester & Friends
  • 4:30 -- The Beeps
  • 5:30 -- Marshall Crenshaw
  • 7:00 -- The THE BAND Band
Schedule is also up at maplewoodstock.com/mws_schedule2009.html

Band meeting

Maplewoodstock held a band meeting last night to go over logistics for the Maplewoodstock weekend.

A lot of hard work (from setting up the stage and sound, to setting up tents and lights, to picking up garbage and breaking everything down on Sunday night) goes into Maplewoodstock. For the most part, we want the crowds that come to simply enjoy the great music and vibes and pick up after themselves.

But there are volunteer opportunities for people who want to pitch in and help in a more direct way. The bands participating in the event are -- of course -- expected to help, as well as keep on schedule and keep a relaxed vibe.

If your band didn't have a representative at last night's meeting, reach out to Maplewoodstock soon to get the details. If you are not involved in the event, but want to volunteer in some way, reach out to us at maplewoodstock@gmail.com

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Maplewoodstock out selling t-shirts and lawn signs

Today, Maplewoodstock was out in force selling t-shirts and lawn signs in Maplewood village.

Here's the skinny:
  • t-shirts are $15 each
  • t-shirt + lawn sign is $25 (that's our "Pledge Package")
  • if you get the Pledge Package, then any additional t-shirt is only $10 each
Plus, we can deliver (and plant) the lawnsigns to your house.

Why should you get a a Pledge Package?
  1. The money we collect on these items helps to defray the cost of running the event and keeps it FREE.
  2. To show your support for this annual community event and spread the word to all your neighbors.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maplewoodstock lawn signs and t shirts

Hey! Get your Maplewoodstock lawn signs and t shirts.

You can go to http://www.maplewoodonline.com/maplewoodstock to submit your order and we'll deliver a package of lawn sign and t-shirt right to your house!

Show your support today. Your pledge helps us fund this annual community celebration.