Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maplewoodstock Flickr site

Well, I've been busy starting to set up the Flickr photosharing site for Maplewoodstock.  You can find it at www.flickr.com/maplewoodstock

I really would like that site to be *the* place for Maplewoodstock photos for years past, present, and future.

I just think there are so many advantages to utilizing a mature tool like Flickr rather than (a) trying to do it "by hand" or (b) trying to build such a tool.

I'm trying to set up SETS in Flickr for each band and for each year.  Further, I'm tagging each photo with tags like (obviously) "maplewoodstock" and "2008" and "[bandname]", but also with ISO-format date (like "2008-07-13" and "crowd".

Utilizing SETS and COLLECTIONS properly, along with TAGS, will make it much easier for Maplewoodstock sites (like the one here on blogger, as well at the dot com site) to use the Flickr badge builder and API to pull specific photos and photosets over to those other sites.

It would also allow Maplewoodstock bands to do the same thing on thier sites (whereever they may be).

As of today, a modest start with 27 photos.  I've got to upgrade the account and solicit some more photos.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Maplewoodstock 2008 - Day Two

Wow! Another incredible day of music and fun. MVP for the weekend: the weather.

Awesome sets. From Sunday opener No Heroes through to the straight-ahead rock of 3rd Gear ... from the Hoboken-sound of The Cucumbers to Emotional Rex. And from the scruffy blues-folk of FELT to the back-in-the-day sounds of Aztec Two Step.

Big shout-outs to all those in front and behind the scenes who made this magic day happen.

And big claps to all the friends and neighbors from the Two Towns (and beyond) who came out and supported this festival and gave back enthusiastically to all the musicians.

Day One

Wow! What a fantastic day for Day One of Maplewoodstock 2008. The weather was perfect and we were treated to some awesome music.

Some highlights included Starfish's rockin' kid-friendly set at 4 pm, the lovely ladies of Madison's vocal harmonies at 4:45, the debut of the epic, sprawling sounds of Thursday Habit at 6:15, the tight, soaring sounds of Nu Band at 8:30, and Montclair's own The Reticents at 9:15.

I can't wait to see what Day Two has to offer.